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Foot Fetish – Important Answers You Need To Know

It is possible you have questions about foot fetish. You have been wondering what this is all about and why people actually engage in it.

The right answers to these questions would definitely do you a lot of good.

Well, the good thing is that you reading this article, and you can get the answers you want from it.

This article is going to reveal what foot fetish is. It also provides the most relevant answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about foot fetish.

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What is Foot Fetish?

If you have a foot fetish then it means you have a sexual interest in the foot. In other words, the feet, toes, ankles, and heels can turn you on.

Some people are also turned on by footwear like shoes, socks, bracelets and other accessories that adorned the foot.

Another word for foot fetish is podophilia.

Foot fetish is a type of common type of sexual fetishism that involves sexual attraction for non-sexual objects or body parts.


Who can practice feet fetishism?

Both men and women are known to be foot fetish. It is not restricted to a specific gender.


How is Foot Fetish practiced?

There are a variety of ways that foot fetish is expressed.

These include touching the feet, licking the feet, massaging the feet, smelling the feet, tickling the feet, sucking the toes, rubbing genitals on the foot, biting the feet, kissing the feet, and so on.

Each individual can express or practice this sexual fetishism in his or her own way.


What is the origin/history of foot fetish?

The origin of foot fetishism is revealed by Adrienne Mayor in the article “The First Foot Fetishist?” published on the website Wonders And Marvels

In the article Mayor described the origin or history of foot fetish in the following way:

The earliest literary evidence comes from a set of 64 broodings, obsessive “Love Letters” composed in the second century AD; the authorship is uncertain but the work is sometimes attributed to Philostratus. The love letters are bisexual, addressed to women and male youths.

Letter 18 “To a Barefoot Boy,” for example, insists that only the elderly, lame, and infirm need to wear slippers, sandals, and boots–and anyway leather tends to pinch, blister, and disfigure one’s feet. “Why don’t you always walk barefoot?… Let nothing come between your naked foot and the earth.” The dust will welcome your tread, declares, the lover, who vows to kiss the boy’s footprints and goes on to rhapsodize on the perfect shape of the beloved’s feet, comparing them to “new and strange flowers sprung from the earth.

In medieval Europe, people are known to have been fascinated with feet. According to Historian, Daniel B Levine,

“The notion of eros was bound to the human foot from early to late antiquity…The food lefts its imprint on the Greek erotic thought from Homer to the rise of Christianity”.

Other historical examples of foot fetish are attributed to the 10th century China and during the Song dynasty when small feet were celebrated especially amongst upper-class women.

These women participated in the painful process foot binding from an early age so as to have an intensely eroticized feet.

In the Victorian era, footwear fashion and sexy women’s shoes like high heels became popularized. This made foot and footwear to be incorporated into objects of fetishistic worship and play.

According to Psychology Report titled “Sexualization of the female foot as a response to sexually transmitted epidemics: a preliminary study” and published by Dr. A James Giannini et al at Ohio State University, an increased interest in feet as sexual objects was observed during the great gonorrhea epidemic of twelfth-century Europe, and the syphilis epidemics of the 16th and 19th centuries in Europe.

During the early 20th Century, Austrian neurologist and Scientist Sigmund Freud, true to his own obsessions, believed that the sexualization of feet arose because they looked like the penises.

In his study, he speculated to discover Sigmund Freud speculated that foot fetishes exist because toes resemble little penises.

The French philosopher Georges Bataille also touched on this in his 1929 essay, “The Big Toe,” in which he expressed his feeling that man, while trained to be attracted to ideal beauty, was also drawn to the base, subversive and even disgusting.

In more recent theories, neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran in 2011 suggested that foot fetish is as result of some “cross-wiring’ of the brain. He noted that parts of the brain that controls the feet and genitalia are adjacent to one another.

This is published in his book “Phantoms in the Brain” which was published after his study of Phantom limbs.


What leads to one becoming a feet fetishist?

The cause of foot fetishism varies with individuals. Experts have different theories as to what causes foot fetishism.

For one individual, the cause of foot fetish is different from another individual.

Some of the well-known theories suggest that foot fetish is caused by:

Early experience with a foot

Some people become foot fetish after they have an erotic experience associated with the foot.

The brain and body will create an erotic association at the sight or when in contact with the foot. This type of association is a type of Pavlovian of classical conditioning.

The desire to be submissive

Some people become foot fetish because they get aroused by the feet. They want to be submissive to their partner’s foot.

They would like to express this submission by rubbing, kissing, licking or touching their partner’s feet.

The altered state disgust perception

Another theory which explains the cause of foot fetish reveals that some people get into this sexual desire because of altered state disgust perception. You can read all about this here.


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